Bug + Robot =forever :)


This last November I was invited on a super secret mission:

my sister Julz (AKA Bug) tied the knot with her man Eric (AKA Robot) of 7 years!

Although it was super secret, and small, and held on a Tuesday evening,

they asked me if I could fly up there to be a part of it and also take some pics.

Well, the fall season is a beyond crazy busy time for me, (as it is for most photographers),

but because she is my sis, I dropped it all for a couple days and left my lil’ fam and flew up for a 2 day adventure.

I am so glad I did! It was so much fun and so special.

I was honored to be a part of it.

They had a tiny unconventional ceremony in their next door neighbors’ backyard.

It was very sweet and just perfect.

Here are some of my favs to share with you all…


Mother and daughter before the wedding in Julz’s room


The entrance to the ceremony…


Julz and Eric’s lovely friend Tamara was the officant.

She actually got her licence just to marry them.

She did a wonderful job, she is so sweet.


I love these candid shots, and I crack up at all of the cameras in the tiny audience.

Those are our parents in the front row, too cute.


Saying the vows.

The paparazzi was there.


Wedding warriors


Depak, good friend and musician


My youngest sis, Kris


We left the reception and headed over to Juz and Eric’s front porch for some pics…


Then we took a little adventure. I just started walking and taking pics.

It was great fun walking around SF looking for great backgrounds. I love the city!


I found this awesome mural pretty close to their house, so fun! :)


Then we headed across the way and bumped into Alamo Square Park.

This is kind of a touristy place so they tell me-

But hey, when your 80 years old and you look back on your wedding pics and your SF life,

you’ll be happy you had pics with the 7 sisters in the back, right?

I was happy these rebels went for it :)


And might as well have some pics with some skyline in it…


Awww, I love these guys, and this city! :)


I will leave you with their yummy vegan wedding cake…

Gotta love it!


Congrats again Julz and Eric!

Wishing you many, many years of love and happiness!

Thanks again for inviting me to be a part of the love~

Love you!

xoxo Shell

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