Halloween 2010

As promised, here are some pics of my boys on Halloween! :)

Here is my little 6 year old fitting inside the biggest pumpkin we could find!


Next its G’s turn.  He wasn’t diggin’  the slimy texture, but I still love that grumpy face :)


Nothing a little candy bribe can’t solve! :)


This is G’s super spooky face he wanted to share with you.

I think he did a pretty good job of being spooky! :)


The boys with their cousin T. in costumes!

Cowboy, Ladybug and Harry Potter~ Adorable!!


Me and my hubby literally threw these costumes together last minute- Can’t you tell :)

A wizard-type being and a fortune teller/ gypsy


Here is us playing our roles as wise and fortune tellerish :)




My boys


Little cowboy :)


Now here is my little 9 month old niece the day before Halloween!

She came over just as the sun went down behind the mountains.

I quickly snapped a few pics in our lovely neighbors yard- it had a little light left there.

Isn’t she so cute???

She had just work up from her nap, so she was feeling kinda groggy, but she is still so adorable!


Hope you all had a fantastic Halloween!

I am swamped with shoots, and I feel so blessed!

I already have people booking up to April 2011!

I still have openings in February and March.

I love that I get to do what I love and make so many people happy doing it!

I am so grateful!

Thank you for visiting!

xo Shell

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