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🦋What blessings came out of 2020 for you? What lessons did you learn? How did you grow?

🌟For me personally, 2020 was a huge growth year for me. Sooo much self growth!! I gave myself permission to lead!

🌟I always wanted to create a women’s retreat, a women’s group, but I was too scared to lead something.

🌟This year, I expanded myself by coming out of my shell & opened up my calendar to support more women than ever before not only with my empowerment & success coaching & photography mentoring, but what really stretched me & got me out of my comfort zone was I created and lead 5 different mastermind groups to support other women’s goals, help them work through challenges & celebrate their wins. It was something I had been wanting to do for years, but was too shy to lead a group.

It was such a transformative year for me to stop hiding behind my camera & really follow my passion to help other women transform their lives!

Before Covid, I had been traveling a lot for my photography work, but it limited me on how many people I could work with bc I’m just one person, but since my coaching is done virtually I was able to work with so many more people & from all over! I am in CA & of all of my coaching clients last year I think only 3 were in my state, the rest were in Oregon, Washington, different states on the east coast & even abroad in the UK!

🌟My heart feels so full being able to combine my love of being creative in my photo work, and my love of helping women achieve goals in my coaching. I am truly grateful I got out of my own way this year & took action toward more of my passion!I am ready to continue my growth in 2021! What about you?

🌟💫🌟PS. If you could use someone to help you with clarity in where you want to go in the new year, if you would like an accountability partner, and a cheerleader to help you get clear, explore challenges, create goals, & celebrate your achievements- I am ready to help you create success & fulfillment with you- whatever that may look like for you personally! 🌟I’m ready to help you see your value & celebrate your wins every step of the way. 🌟Please DM for a free discovery call! It’s going to be a great year ! 💫🦋

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