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You and me- one on one. When it comes to declaring yourself an artist/ photographer/ maker- that is HUGE! Congratulations on making that amazing leap and sharing your gifts with the world! It is a such a gift to earn money for what we love to do- create!


But I understand how putting yourself out there, charging money for your creative work can be complex, intimidating, and sometimes feels scary! Whether you are just starting out or wanting to up your game in various areas of photography or business, or if need mindset coaching to up your confidence in selling your work, I can help you!


I have over 13 years of experience as a creative in business. I began as a watercolor artist with a greeting card business , and had my designs all over Ventura & Santa Barbara counties and beyond! I have also been running a successful photography business for the past 11 years.


I would be honored to help you be more confident and successful in your creative buiness as well!


Because I remember not that long ago that feeling of wishing so badly that I had the confidence to follow my dreams and be able to BE an artist, a photographer, a creator... I didn't feel worthy of sharing my passion or creative gifts with the outside world, until one day I had a life changing, tragedy happen to me, and I realized how short life truly was, that there was no more time to waste worrying if other people approved of my art, or if I was worthy or not in other people's eyes. From then on, I made a mindset shift and began living my passion- I put myslef and my work out there into the world and began being paid to create!


Now that I have owned a successful art and greeting card business that stocked various stores around California, as well as a thriving successful photography business for over a decade that survived many moves (4 different USA cities and 2 coasts). I know what its like to be "the new girl in town" over and over, and in an over-saturated industry. And I have learned some amazing secret receipes for success along the way. I would love to be of service to you & share any wisdom I can from so many years of experience and self discovery, as well as helping so many others with their own confidence battles. I myself have invested in my own personal development, my creative skills and also my business in so many different ways: workshops/ classes/ coaching/ groups/certifications, etc, through out the years, and I continue to do so. I have had many years of trial and error and I know what works and what doesn’t.


I want to offer this opportunity to you beacuse I know it can be scary to start this journey. I know it can be lonely and daunting at times. And I know personally as a busy work-at-home mom that it can be hard to do all of the things, -especially taking care of ourselves, your loved ones, and run a successful business- But the great news is- you can have all of it! I want to share the tools to help you be the best version of you, acheive your goals and dreams, charge the money you deserve for your creative gifts! Why do I want to do this? Because I never had something like this myself, so I want to provide this for others! Mainly, I want to do this beacuse I believe in you. The big question is: Are you finally believe in you? Are you ready to make your goals and dreams a priority, to invest in yourself, and live your dreams? I hope so! I am here cheering you on and I can't wait to chat!


Your choice: A deep dive hour long private coaching call or if you are an aspiring photographer: a mentoring call to help you in any areas you choose.


For Coaching Calls- we will work on small action steps to getting all of your goals and dreams realized to leading a successful creative business & life.


For Mentoring Calls- Nothing is off the table, ask me anything from business, marketing, branding, photo critique, styling, posing, lighting, editing, workflow, creativity and inspiration, as well as pricing and attracting your ideal clients!


We will find the perfect time that works for you and your schedule.


I can't wait to help you live your dreams, grow your business and help you in any way I can with your creativity, success and living a full, rich life!


That's the magic! Because it’s a call, wherever you would like!


If you prefer in person, please just let me know!


Regardless, I can't wait to meet you! :)






View moreDebbie K.With Shell I have experienced so much growth, most recently in the areas of personal and spiritual development as well as business. Weekly accountability check-ins helped me to stay on track to develop and implement a successful corporate program...working through some of my insecurities along the way. ""
View moreDanae D.I am forever grateful for Shell’s mentoring. We touched on everything from creating an online presence and marketing, to hands on lifestyle shoots and editing.
Shell taught me how to be more comfortable behind the camera, to be organic, and of course to always think outside the box and test my creativity. I could not recommend Shell's mentoring more!




To learn more:


Please fill out the Client Contact Form & in the drop down please select: “I’m a Creative or a Photographer & would love coaching/mentoring” and in the space tell me a little about yourself, your goals, and where you are residing.


Please inquire about longer, in-person or zoom mentoring sessions with me. I am available for travel as well.


I look forward to hearing from you!

*Photography Mentoring students in business must be located outside of Southern CA, However, coaching clients can be located anywhere.
Thank you for understanding.
View moreElizabeth V.Shell was such a pleasure to learn from! She taught me so many useful skills, which will help me in my professional photography. I know I am leaving her mentoring program feeling way more confident in my photography skills than I did when I first started. I highly recommend her for anyone looking for a photography mentor whether you are professional photographer or just for taking better photos for yourself. Shell, Thank you for your time and patience. You have been the best mentor!"
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