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I am a lifestyle portrait photographer, empowerment life coach, and photography mentor located in sunny CA who has a PASSION for creating soulful, whimsical, intimate, and fun artworks of you and your loved ones as well as empowering other women in life, business & creativity!

In my photography work- I want to help you celebrate your life by capturing you, and those you love, in beautiful, soulful, dreamy and fun photography artworks.

I want you to have gorgeous images to display in your home and share. I am here to document the unique beauty that only you and your loved ones share, even if you can’t see it.

I want to help you see it. I am here to capture and celebrate what makes YOU, authentically you.

In my coaching work, I want to help you become confident & empowered so you can live the life you deserve. I would be honored to work with you!


My Story

I am also a wife to the love of my life, and a mother of two sweet boys.

I am happiest when outdoors doing outdoor things in nature’s beauty, especially with my family.

I love travel and exploring new places, and learning new things.

I treasure my friends and family, and have a perpetual need to create and grow.

I have always felt that life needs to be lived to its fullest and there is no time to waste! Live it, celebrate it, love the ones you’re with, and surround yourself with things and people that bring you joy and love you for who you are.

My love of family and nature can be felt when viewing my photography work, so I have been told & I am proud of that! It is my desire to celebrate love and connection with each couple & family, as well as the the uniqueness & energy of each branding client and highschool senior.

I truly put my heart and soul into everyone I work with- whether it's at a photo session, in my mastermind groups, or in my life coaching or mentoring. It's what I feel called to do!

I have my college degree from UC Santa Barbara in cultural anthropology. (My parents, grandparents and other family members always said I would be an artist or a creative director when I grew up. The arts have always been a passion of mine, but once in college, I got really scared of having school “kill” my creative voice or spirit, so I avoided art as a major and went with something that celebrated art and cultures around the world- cultural anthropology.)

I have traveled to over 20 countries, and now enjoy traveling the US as well.

I have always loved working with families and children of all ages and abilities, I have always been interested in the arts & celebrating different cultures around the world, as well as personal growth to help myslef and others achieve the best life possible.

Whether I am creating art for a photography client, or creating goals, & intentions with a life coaching client- I am deeply grateful and honored to be able to work with people doing what I love.

I believe in giving back. Every year I donate proceeds or sessions to different causes I believe in.

Now you know more about me, I can't wait to learn more about you!


My Favorites

fields of wildflowers
my little family
spontaneous beach days
travel and adventure
fresh fruit
my dog & 2 cats
dark chocolate
exploring new places
walks in nature's beauty
beach bonfires
good coffee
captivating books
inspiring people
creative inspiration

life's most valued treasures are time spent with our loved ones, as well as honoring our true selves and our our unique journeys. Photographs are the best way to stop time & capture what's most important to us in real tangible works of art – allowing us to cherish every stage and age of life!

Empowerment Coaching is taking steps toward your creating a life you deserve & love! I am here to support you!
I Believe
Photography: An unforgettable day captured in time, cherished for generations.
Catered to your family or brand that includes your very own custom, private, creative lifestyle photo session at your location of choice.
Empowerment Coaching: Achieve real results! Helping you reach your goals & dreams for a fulfilling life!

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Friend, I am so glad you are here!

If my work speaks to you and you would like to work with me to create whimsical, soulful, and fun artworks of you and your loved ones, or your brand, I would LOVE to hear your vision.

If you are interested in a Free Consultation for my Women's Empowerment Coaching or Creative/ Photo Mentoring, I am here to support you!

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I look forward to connecting with you soon!

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