A backyard cupcake & tea party & an evening walk by the bay~ The Huang Family Sneak Peek

{Is she adorable or what?}


Are you ready for some more serious cuteness?

Just wait- there’s more! :)

So, When Amy, the mom of the cutie above told me she had 2 girls who loved to bake,

I was so excited! I asked her if she liked the idea of a cupcake/tea party and she said that her girls would LOVE it!

I was thrilled (As a mom of 2 boys, I miss out on that kind of thing- we still do it, but in a boy way, you know.)

So without further adieu…

A big dose of Cute comin’ your way!


Here the girls are busily prepping for their cupcake/tea party…


Now, that all of the preparations have been made,

time to meet in the backyard for tea and cupcakes!

{Love the ducks as their guests:)}

As with my lemonade stand the week before,

I had so much fun setting up this little scene,

and even more fun watching the girls play.

Also, the adorable white vintage chairs {seen above and in last week’s post}

were borrowed from Moongarden Antiques

(click to go to their site)

in Wakefield, Rhode Island.

If you are a RI local, check out Lily’s store- its filled with vintage-y goodness!

Next we took a drive over to the waterfront

and walked along the water’s edge…


The girls loved throwing rocks into the water and watching them splash…

I stop will here and refrain from posting them all!
This is just the sneak peek, which means just a glimpse into our fun! ;)
Amy, your family is so sweet, and I really enjoyed every minute!
Your daughters are just lovely.
Thank you for choosing me as your photographer!
In other news:
I am off to California in a few days to do a whole bunch of photo sessions!
{And if you didn’t get in on the action for July, read on…}
I will also be traveling back in October for the last time for 2012.
I still have 1 opening left in October for a mini session.
You can email me if interested! :)
Other than that, I will be back again in January/ February 2013 for full sessions.
A big congratulations to Kameron Scampoli
for winning my Watch and Win Photo Session Giveaway!
Kameron has won a FREE photo Session with me at her location of choice!
Thanks to everyone who watched my promo video and
celebrated with me by commenting and sharing my video,
and entering the giveaway!
{If you missed the video, you can click HERE or above in the menu bar}.
If you missed the giveaway, stay tuned, I am planning my next giveaway soon! :)
What else?
Well, if you follow me on Instagram or on my personal Wildflower Life Iphone blog
you will know we have been having a great ol’ summer so far.
Busy, busy and lots of fun!
Also, I am VERY excited to announce we saw fireflies in our backyard last night!
This is a first for us native Californians!
To say I was thrilled and enchanted by the magic would be an understatement!
I was pretty much jumping up and down with excitement…
I was so determined to see fireflies this summer.
They only glow for a few weeks out of the year during their mating season (early summer).
I was like a little kid waiting for santa to show up.
I sat out in our backyard from dusk until it was pitch dark staring into the forest,
and looking up info on my phone about firefly facts (while getting bit up badly by mosquitos).
THEN I had this crazy idea- I took my phone (which was kind of glowing)
and shined it out towards the forest behind my house, and quickly covered it with my hand.
I made a little morris code- flashing signals.
Bry thought I was hilarious, but within seconds I started getting flashes back from the fireflies!!
You should have seen me jumping up and down, I was so elated!
Bry and I were out there for at least an hour with them flashing our phones,
running around our yard in awe.It was pretty funny.
Our kids only lasted about 10 minutes before they went back in the house,
but we were just enchanted by the whole thing :)
I hope you are having fun where ever you are :)
xoxo Shell


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