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Do you want to know a secret ingredient about my work?

It’s may sound a little out there… One funny thing about me & how I work- I have never been into just simply taking photos of people.

For me, there’s this unsaid, almost subconscious occurrence that happens with me & my subject.

Of course I always aim to capture the light- but what also happens for me personally is I don’t just look at the the light in the room or outdoors-

but the light or energy of the person I am photographing.

It’s not something I am totally aware of when I’m taking photos, I really just try to connect with my subject- no matter what their age is.

But there’s this magical occurrence where I happen to see the actual light within & around my subject & I photograph that.

The result makes my heart skip a beat even in the most simple of photos.

Like this image- I took this photo of this little man while he was sitting on his mamas bed.

I did not go in with a pre-planned intention of capturing his amazing energy, I sort of just see it while I’m working & take photos while connecting.

Nothing fancy going on here to take this photo, but there is that gorgeous light shining out.

What a beautiful spirit. 💗

I am so grateful I get to do this for people in such a unique way, and that I get to do this as my job. A little magic sprinkled into these simple photos.

I am so excited for my upcoming sessions! (Please reach out if you’re interested in a session with me!  

I look forward to meeting you!

xo Shell

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