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If you can believe it, this hot mama is pregnant (and almost due!), but you can’t even tell in certain angles.

I joked with her that I may have to photoshop a belly into some of her pics!

Regardless, big belly or not, she is absolutely gorgeous, and sweetly let me post just a few of her pics here.

I was dying, because my favs didn’t make the cut for posting since she was looking at the camera in some of my favs,

and she is private and doesn’t want to show all of her face.

I totally understand and I am grateful I get to at least show you guys these!

Gorgeous mama!

Thanks again, S. for letting me post these few pics. You are so lovely and I had a great time with you!

Also thanks for making the long drive to come and have me take your pics!

Best wishes on your sweet baby!

I can’t wait to hear all about him



I wanted to thank all of you who voted for me for Best Photographer for my local paper.

We don’t get the results until October 15th, but I will keep you posted!


I am so excited, I reached over 1000 fans/likes on FB yesterday on my Wildflower Studio FB page!

I think I started the year with 100!

Pretty amazing!  I am very excited about that.

…Now, if I could just get myself to post on here more often!

FB is so much easier to post quick updates on, this blog is a little more demanding.

I am grateful for whoever makes it over to this little corner of the web and visits me!! :)


It finally feels like fall! The weather has cooled off, the leaves are changing and falling, and its even raining today!

I am so happy to bundle up in warm clothes and be able to eat and drink warm foods without overheating in the hot weather!

So cozy! :)

The kids and I began decorating the house for Halloween and fall.

I just love their excitement about the seasons changing and decorating for each season and holiday.


D. my 6 year old really wants to be Harry Potter for Halloween this year, so we are gathering items for that.

He’s so funny and imaginative- he pretty much had his costume for the past 4 months because he’s the kind of kid

who dresses up on a daily basis to act out books and movies.

He uses a chopstick for a magic wand and wears his Obi Wan cloak, and he already wears glasses, so he is pretty set.

I got him a gold and red tie and found a sweater vest in his closet.

I bought him a real Hogwarts cloak, so he is really excited now.

I’ll try and post pics :)


We’ll I gotta run!

I am going to meet old and dear friend of mine for coffee!

Thanks for visiting!

xoxo Shell

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