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After work hike! Isn’t it pretty? I always like exploring new trails. How’s your week going so far?

🦋In my women’s empowerment circle (if you want to join, it’s free & called “Thrive like a Wildflower” on FB) we discussed the simple, yet powerful concept of: When going about your day to switch your thinking from “I have to__” to “I get to__” & I got to practice that since I’m back to work this week while the rest of my fam is still on vacay. I GET TO go back to work & after last year, I am so grateful I have work! 🙏 & also, I’m so grateful I have created jobs I love to go back to. I know that’s a rare feeling. Being a business owner is not for the faint of heart, but iso worth it if you’re doing what you love.

🦋This first week is already feeling good! Yesterday I GOT TO work with a new photography client on creating a surprise gift certificate/ custom photo session experience for his wife’s birthday (so sweet!), today I GOT TO do a coaching call with a rad human & I’m already so excited for her growth she’ll have this year, then I GOT TO do another FB live training for the ladies in my new FB group- I was nervous to go live, but I know the more I do it the easier it will feel.After the training, I GOT TO prep for a photo session that I GET to do tomorrow, And then I then I got to stop work & explore a brand new beautiful hike with my hubby!

🦋The rest of the week will be a photo shoot, & a few more coaching calls I GET TO do, more sharing with & supporting the ladies in my FB group… & of course family & nature time.

🦋I am grateful I have done the hard work to have created a life I love- but there’s always more inner work & growth to be done. I am giddy that I Get to help others do their inner & outer work as well.

🦋I am passionate about helping others create a life they love too with my empowerment coaching. I love that I Get to do that too!

🦋PS. I am offering a free Clarity Session to help kick off the new year & help you get started on the right track, & you get to see what it’s like to work with me. Message me if you’re interested!

🦋Wishing you an incredible & smooth rest of your week!

Wildflower Studio specializes in creating soulful, custom portraits & authentic lifestyle photography, intimate weddings & elopements, as well as Empowerment Coaching for Women all over the world.Based in California
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