Florida~ sunset time

I just LOVE my job.

Here is more photos from my session with the Ferenc Family

in Neptune Beach, Florida last March when I shot my video.

These images make me smile.

I love revisiting days like this.

(PS. This next image below cracks me up- a strangers reaction to the kite coming at them from the cute little kite flyer I was photographing.

No one was harmed in the making of these photos :) )

And just for fun, here is a bit of me behind the camera
Thanks to Paul Rogers of Photographers Reel.
Ahhh, Florida….
We still have snow here in RI. Its been freezing here!
The other day the low was 7 degrees and the high was 20!
That is very cold for this native Californian!
And would you believe that very cold night, I had a snowboard lesson at 7pm!!! Yes, in the dark cold night!
Courtsy of my sweet hubby, for Christmas he got me snowboard gear and lessons- night lessons.
That was quite an adventure. I am the only girl in class with a bunch of 18- 20 year old guys.
That night I just wanted to be snuggled up in my PJs by the fire- not falling down a hill of icy snow in the dark!
I am happy to report I made it out alive. I just can’t believe I have a few more nights of this!
I’ll keep you posted on the fun
Back to sunny Florida…
As I stated in another recent post, I actually have another trip in the works planned this year- most likely February.
I have requests in the Tampa Bay area, and also back to Neptune Beach/ St. Augustine again (Jacksonville area).
If you know someone who lives there who you think would like a session, please have them contact me.:)
xoxoxo Shell
Again, here’s a link to the video:
Wildflower Studio specializes in creating soulful, custom portraits & authentic lifestyle photography, intimate weddings & elopements, as well as Empowerment Coaching for Women all over the world.Based in California
Wildflower Studio Photography

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