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How gorgeous is this mama?!?! This was at the end of a family session last weekend before I got in my car and left. One of my very favorite things to do at a family session is to give mom an amazing headshot/ profile picture! I cannot tell you how often my mama clients put themselves last when coordinating outfits for their family photos, etc. Of course I adore capturing the kiddos and the family together in photos- ya’ll know that from viewing my work, but showing mom how beautiful she is a true passion of mine. Taking a headshot of mom is usually the last picture I do at a session, (like it was at this session), usually it’s either a surprise to them that I would even suggest it, but even with those mamas that are open to it- its a last priority so we tend to do it last, almost as an after thought. Guys, I just adore doing this for women, capturing their inner and outer beauty & giving women a gorgeous photo of themselves! P, you are a true beauty inside and out! I am grateful to know you and your amazing family! 💗

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