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Tips for you! TGIF! Happy Friday friends! How was your week? I can’t complain, we are safe & sound here. but because of all going on with fires, etc, occasionally I caught myself feeling that anxious energy creeping in- sometimes in the morning before I was even fully awake. I hate that! My empath peeps out there know that’s when you ask yourself- is that mine or someone else’s. Many times it’s not even my stuff, but I’m picking up on someone else’s energy. Regardless, for any of you out there who wake up feeling that nervous or anxious energy creeping in, I have a few tips, or tools I use that help me regularly & I figured I’d share with you here in hopes I can help someone out there.

1) Gratitude: If I take time to focus on what I am grateful for, my mindset & energy changes almost immediately & I begin to feel calm. You can list it in your head or write in a gratitude journal.

2) Meditation. I’m not talking about anything formal here- no need to sit in a specific position or sit for hours. Honestly, just keep it super simple & easy! Put on peaceful music & sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes & breathe- sit for 5 minutes if that’s all you have time for. No pressure! I like to envision myself rooted into the earth like a tree in order to ground my energy to begin my meditations. Some days I meditate for 5-10 mins, some days 30 minutes. It depends on my schedule & needs.

3) Get out & breathe! I like to go on a walk once a day to get out of my house & away from the people I am quarantining with. 🤪This keeps me sane! Even if you’re not sensitive to energy like me, its good to get a break from your people, get off your computer & out of your home & get a change of scenery. I personally love nature so I like walking the trails by my house or uncrowded beaches. All 3 of those things are my recipe of calm. I have more tips I can share, but those are my top 3 daily go-to’s! Tell me- What do you do? Do you do similar stuff or do you have other tips you can add? Tell me in the comments!It’s been a crazy year, I hope this helps anyone who needs it! Sending continuous prayers for all affected by the fires & gratitude for the firefighters!

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