Happy Valentine’s Day!

These are some of my favs from a quick Valentine’s shoot I did with my son and his best girl after school last Friday!

These two cutie-pies are just so darn funny together!

The boy is my little rascal G, but this sweet little girl L.  is his very good friend from preschool.

I have been told by the teachers that they are inseparable at school at times,

and her sweet mama tells me she says she wants to grow up and marry G one day!

G just loves her too, every time I pick him up from school or attend a field trip he is usually with her- they are so adorable!

The last field trip I went on I was just sitting back and observing the class, taking quick snaps with my Iphone.

When I got home I see all of these super cute pics that look like perfect Valentine’s pics (but a little chaotic since it was at a field trip)

So I decided, why not do a Valentine’s inspired shoot with them!


This next one was taken before I was even ready! I was still testing the light here- hence why I turned it B&W!

Glad I caught this one!  (This is really how they are, and why they inspired me to do this shoot! :))

Are those two adorable or what!?!?!

Love them!

Can I just tell you how crazy/funny this shoot was?

I was going to do it over the weekend, but then the forecast said snow, so I had to act fast!

Friday I was working in my older son’s classroom, so as soon as I finished at his school, I went directly to G’s preschool.

I picked up G. and L. along with all the amazing props and clothes her mommy packed for me,

loaded everything into the car, and drove the kids to the park (L’s mom had to go pick up her older son at the bus).

Once I found our location, I changed the kids into their fancy clothes,

…then took them potty…

and began the shoot.

(can you say whirlwind?)

(and I had only about 45 minutes before I had to pack everything back up and get to my older son’s bus stop!  -This was a quickie!

I have to say, between the crazy amount of balloons, their extra fancy outfits,

and me looking like a crazy woman hauling all this stuff, while trying to wrangle two 3 yr. olds-

we drew just a bit of attention to ourselves! :)

Not only that, G. is a daredevil and kept trying to do these stunts when I was taking pics of L.

(my own kids are always my craziest clients)

As far as picture taking and posing was concerned, it was a breeze!

These 2 ran the show, I just took the pics!

A little while later, L’s sweet mom showed up, I gave her back her adorable daughter,

and all of her wonderful props

and drove to the bus stop-

just in time for my older son D!


I was just so happy I was able to get this shoot in before snow!


 (PS. I had 6 kids running around my house within 20 minutes of getting home from the shoot.)

It was a full day indeed! But we had fun and I just love the pics :)


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XOXO Shell

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