Holiday MiniShoots!~The Alderman Girls and Their Cute Doggie Guss!

This was the last session of the day I did holiday mini-shoots.

I really lucked out ending with this family.

They were so mellow and easygoing (as were all my mini-shoot familes),

and were just ready to play and hang out and explore.

Their mom was so awesome-

she just told me to do my thing and gave me her sweet girls and adorable dog- and away we went.

It was so relaxing, I actually lost track of time in the lovely autumn evening.

It was such a great end to a successful day of mini-shoots.

Thanks again Alderman family! :)


On another note,

life has been so crazy hectic lately!

I have been so super busy with work, making gifts,  and holiday boutiques and caring for my little family.

My hubby and my parents have been a great help with the kids school and sports pick up and drop off schedules.

I ended up getting  sick with the flu and then a cold and cough last week,

but I have been continually working hard processing all of my clients photos so they can have them for the holidays.

Over this past weekend I had 2 shoots with some really great familes,

and by last night my voice was officially gone.

I feel so helpless with out a voice- especially with my little rascal 2 year old!

This week I am going to work really hard and finish up processing the last of my shoots

and then I will be taking 2 much needed weeks off to be with family. Yay! :)

I love this time of year, it will be nice to slow down and enjoy it.

So please know if you contact me during the week of Christmas or New Years I will

be so happy to hear from you, but won’t be returning any calls or e-mails/inquiries until Jan. 2nd.


I hope you are having a fabulous holiday season!!

All the best to you and yours,

Thanks for visiting!


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