New Blog and Session Openings in Ventura County!


Happy Spring!

Did you notice the new look of this blog? Spring has sprung and I was so ready for a change!

I have been working hard to make this little blog fresh and new. Its been A LOT of work doing it by myself, but it was a great challenge,

and I am pretty thrilled to see it coming along, and pretty thrilled I was able to do it by myself! Exciting Stuff!

Its a work in progress as I update the look here and shift from 2 separate sites to integrating my portfolio of images into galleries here.

Have a look around when you get a chance. It will continue to evolve and grow with time


Now for a quick announcement!

If you are in the Ventura County area, or near the Ventura County areaI will be there this weekend and parts of next week


I have an opening for a session- maybe even 2!

Please let me know if you are interested!


Last, but not least… if you haven’t followed along on Facebook or Instagram, we had a little adventure to celebrate my 40th birthday.

I have always wanted a VW bus, and so for my bday, we rented one and took a road trip! It was SO MUCH FUN!

It happened to be painted with chalkboard paint, and so we were able to decorate it ourselves.

My hubby and kids wrote sweet birthday messages on itand fun road trip art.

We drove to the beach and all surfed, then we drove to Joshua Tree and camped out in the desert for a few days!

It was so cool, and definitely an awesome 40th!

I still need to process my images from that adventure, but in case you missed it,

here are some pics I posted on Instagram from my phone below. {You can click them to see them bigger}.


xoxo Shell

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