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Share it out or tag someone in the comments who needs to read this!✨Friends, we are half way through the year, hard to believe! I saw this today and it really helped me get out of my way & helped shift my perspective today. I woke up feeling a little anxious, uncertain about where everything is headed- I don’t like to dwell in fear or anxious energy so I went to work on figuring out what that was about & releasing that energy. I know that if I am feeling this, possibly many of you are as well. I know this year has been tough for so many of us in so many ways. A lot of us are re-evaluating our goals that we set at the beginning of the year & wondering what the next chapter will bring, and this process can make you feel a little lost, questioning what to do next, what’s the next step, how do I know if it’s the right next step? This morning I was feeling that energy and I went into my meditation with the intention of making peace with the unknown and releasing fear and surrendering to knowing that the universe has my back.

My wish for you is that you can do the same, have faith knowing that everything is happening in divine order & perfect timing. It might not look like that yet. Don’t lose faith. You have the power to create whatever you want. Sometimes things show up a little differently than we expect.

By the way, my 8 week Summer Goals and Intention Mastermind Group started yesterday, all spots were filled and it feels like such a wonderful and powerful group of ladies! If you missed out, I may be doing another one this fall beginning in September. If you’re interested, please let me know ASAP so I can put you on my list of people to contact when I open it back up again. ✨

In the meantime I am always available to support you via one on one coaching calls. If you would like a free consultation to see if we are a good fit, I would love to schedule that with you! Please DM me for details! I have witnessed amazing transformation and accelerated growth with my clients and I am so honored to be a part of their journey to self love, success & fulfillment in life! 💗💫Wishing you a beautiful week!

XO Shell

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