Seems so long ago now


I found this sweet photo of my little G while looking through old back up discs the other day.
This photo was taken just as I was beginning to get into photography in a serious way.
I had always loved to take photos since I was very young.
I even said I would grow up to be a photographer.
Then life happened and confidence didn't.
Luckily, I am blessed with my husband who has believed in my work from the beginning-
way before I did. I had no idea what he was seeing, but he always has encouraged me,
(He even used his first ever paycheck out of college to surprise me with photo equipment!
The cutest part is it was for a darkroom, which we didn't have- but the gesture was so sweet).
I have always LOVED taking photos and capturing light,
but never assumed it would be my job.
This business was birthed after the birth of my greeting card and onesie business
and also the birth of my little G above,
in which I had a blog where I posted my art, but also posted photos of my kids.
That blog began to get followers and then inquiries asking if I would take their family photos.
I would post the session and get more inquires, and it snowballed from there.
My greeting card and onesie business is now phased out due to the demand in this
photography addiction/ passion/ business, which really feels like my 3rd kid sometimes!
Always more gear to buy, more up-keep on the gear, more to learn,
its always changing, and I am always trying to better myself
in my business and in my art-
and when I say always, I mean each and every day- really!
I also have the uncontrollable urge- a compulsion, to strive to be better,
its a passionate feeling for sure. I just ADORE what I do.
And I LOVE that I get to share this passion with other families/ couples/ teens/ kids
I am truly grateful!
Today I just kind of rambled on,
I'll end with this other photo my hubby snapped of me of me multitasking with baby G
and crocheting one of my scarves...
(I am actually so happy I found this because I didn't think I had any photos
of me and G in this phase of our life)

PS. I am going to try something new.

Rather than post my client sneak peeks on here first,

I want to try and do a private viewing with them first and post it publicly later.

I am realizing I want to be a part of their first reaction to their art, rather than read it in comments.

That being said, you may not see as many as many sneak peeks on here until I figure this new system out! :)

Thanks for your patience!

xoxo Shell

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