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We all have our own special recipes for what makes us happy, whole or feeling balanced. I’m not talking big things like your kids or significant other, etc, but I’m talking about those small steps or little things that as you get older, you notice they make a big impact on your happiness. A lot of those things I notice fall under the umbrella of self care. When I’m feeling off, I ask myself when the last time I did some of the things on my list that maintains my well being. Some of those little things on my list that make a big difference in my life are: a simple morning meditation, gratitude journal, walking outside or being in nature, eating healthy food, drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep, calling or texting a friend. A bonus is if I can get to a yoga or barre class, or get together with a friend in person. I definitely need to improve my sleep, and also my water drinking. When I can do all of these things I feel so much better, more balanced, more alive, and therefore happier & whole.
What about you? Do you have any thing to add to this list? Or does your list look pretty similar? Do you also struggle in doing some of those things you know are good for you? I’d love to hear your recipe! Please share in the comments below! 💗
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