yin time

I haven’t been posting much- I injured my back pretty badly,  and I am STILL recovering.

Life has been a bit hard. Aside from the physical pain, its been painful to sit still so much- which for me,

a very action-based person, has been difficult.

At first I looked at the injury as a lesson- like I need to slow down.

Now, 2 over weeks later, still injured, I am sad that all of the things I had planned to do this time of year

(especially now that I am finished working for a bit and on vacay) aren’t happening:

Iceskating with the fam, snowboarding, running, yoga- even Christmas shopping, let alone easy tasks around the house.

I am trying to think of this as a gift.

I am doing things I used to do, but never make time to anymore: meditate, play my guitar, write…

Yin type things.

Maybe this is a way to restore balance to a very action based life.

I am really enjoying this mellow time, but I do miss exercise.

Anyway, here is a pic I snapped with my Iphone today of my new little friend.

It brought a smile to my face, thought I’d share her with you too. :)

xoxo Shell

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