You are beautiful! What are you waiting for?

Hello lovely Women out there!

Yes, you!

I had to stop what I was doing and just get something off of my chest.

I am discovering something very interesting.

As you may have noticed:

1) We as women are givers.

2) We never quite feel “enough”

3) We love to feel beautiful.

4) Time keeps passing. Its not stopping. Years keep going by…

5) Most of us never get beautiful images of ourselves, but are all subjected to looking at other women’s photos everyday somehow!

Here is where I come in.

I love making people feel beautiful.

I love photographing women of all ages and stages of life,

and taking beautiful photos.

Here’s what else I know:

A lot of woman feel like when it comes to photography, they need to capture their kids,

and/or that its self indulgent to hire someone to take their own photos!

FYI: I am guilty of this too!

And for years I though that I guess if I was going to be liberated, I would have to get some boudoir pics taken…

But truth is, I don’t necessarily want a whole shoot dedicated to boudoir for myself.

Know what? turns out I am not alone!

We want to feel beautiful and sexy, but guess what?

We don’t have to take all our clothes off to to accomplish getting sexy, feminine, gorgeous photos of ourselves.

I recently had a client do a session for herself.

She wanted  gorgeous images of herself that captured her goddess self-inside and out.

During her consultation she mentioned that she liked the way catalogs like Anthropologie and Free People look,

– that natural, sexy vibe with lots of boho and feminine style.

We had such a great time!

Gorgeous images, nature, beach, trees, and we even rented a horse!

After her session we both felt liberated.

I realized I wanted to take this a step further and really market this.

I want to work with more women and get to know what their vision is for themselves for their dream photos.

Let me give you YOUR version of gorgeous and sexy-

not the media’s, or the world’s-


No, you do not have to be in a closed studio in lingerie,

we can find a gorgeous private location and you can put on some ultra feminine pieces.

Whatever stye you love.

This is about you stopping time and capturing you as your most beautiful self


Not in a year.

Not after you loose weight.

And No, its not too late.

You are beautiful now.

You just need the right person behind the camera to help capture you!

What do you say?

I am ready when you are! :)

I don’t care who you are,

you are beautiful.

We are all shy in some way. And its scary to be vulnerable in front of a camera.

You need to trust that it’s my goal is to give you the most gorgeous images of yourself.

And I can :)

Let’s do this.

Please share with the women in your life.

xoxo Shell

(More images from this fun session coming soon!)

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