4 years sweet! Happy Birthday to my littlest man!

I can’t believe how fast my boys are growing, especially this one since he is my baby! And now my baby is 4!

I really try hard to take in each second of their childhood- no matter how chaotic and crazy life gets,

because I know one day they will be off busy with their own lives and this will be a memory {and that kills me!}

So I try and take a deep breath and roll with the changes as there will be many more as the years pass.

I adore, ADORE this age. I remember when I used to teach at a Montessori school years ago, before I was a mom,

and thinking that this was my favorite age-

so funny and cute and inquisitive- with out even trying to be entertaining.

Its like you can literally see the wheels turning as they think or discover something new.

And daily this child cracks us up.

Here are a few things about Mr. G that I can think of off the top of my head that are worth noting:

yesterday telling us he’s dressed to go play- only to find him outside in underwear and ugg boots,

asking when he’s old enough to watch “Lizard of Oz” {doesn’t realize its Wizard yet :)},

tells me he needs to “hold me “he means he need to be held, but its so cute how he says it.

He is a serious dancer- he means business.

~We have daily dance parties on his request where he shows us his latest “moves”.~

And he tells the best stories- he just makes up these great fairy tale adventure stories-

(which are secretly hilarious!) about witches and other crazy creatures.

Anyway, this guy has blessed us with many laughs (and many broken household items due to his curious nature),

But we adore him regardless.

Here are some pics I took of him last week at a park to capture his sweet and funny personality.


OK, so I love this one and really couldn’t decide whether I should post the B&W version…

~Or color….

I had the same problem here!

I can’t decide which one I like better!

So hopefully you excuse the repeat, and feel free to tell me your opinion.


We ended our quick session by riding a gigantic carousel we found, and playing at a fun playground

before going home to meet big bro D at the bus stop.


Just for fun, here are some of Mr. G when he was just a lil’ peanut back in California…

Surfin Santa Baby…

Little skateboarder…


Giving me that face… you can see how this guys melts my heart, right?


probably getting ready to feast on some sand here, one of his favorite beach activities at this age…


And cuddling our old cat Vincent <3


Happy Birthday big boy!

We love you so much!


Wishing you all reading this a great rest of your week!

Thanks for visiting and celebrating here with us :)

xo Shell

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