75 minutes in Portland, Maine

OK, so the photos from  my last post in New Hampshire were actually taken the same day as these here in Portland, Maine,

but I’m pretending we spent another day there.

We had spent the entire day driving and exploring and hiking New Hampshire, even the whole Mount Washington adventure,

and then decided (or should I say, my family decided to go along with my idea- barely) to drive to Maine on our way home-

even though it was no way close to being on our way home :)

So even though these were taken on the evening of the same day as the last post,

I am making a new post just for Portland.

It just makes our little weekend of travel seem longer.

Kinda reminds me of a road trip I took when I was 18 with Kayley, one of my best friends,

where we drove from southern California to San Francisco.

We stopped in San Luis Obispo and took pics,

then Big Sur- changed outfits and took pics…

then stopped in Carmel- changed outfits and took more pics,

then stopped in Santa Cruise- changed outfits– and took more pics…

Then San Francisco…

you get the idea, right?

(18 yrs old and even more quirky/free-spirited and energetic than now! :))

By the time we got done with our weekend trip to San Francisco,

it looked like we’d been gone over a week with all the wardrobe changes and different sights!:)

On this trip with my fam, we didn’t do the whole wardrobe change thing,

but it feels the same since it was so many sights, so much driving and so many pics.


Anyway, you can only imagine how tired we were by the time we finally made it to Portland after driving all day in New Hampshire.

Here is what we saw in the short amount of time we walked around before we headed back home to Rhode Island.

Saving my favorite for last…

These were all taken in the 1 hour time we were there…

I can’t wait to go back and really see Portland and enjoy the city.

The kids were amazing, it was us adults who were not cooperating ;)

My hubby was tired and hungry and just wanted to go home already-can you blame him?

I wanted to go to dinner with the fam in Portland and was still feeling adventurous.

He wanted to eat on the road and just get home already!

Since my hubby was nice enough to be doing the drive home in unfamiliar territory,

I decided to let it go and I would come back and see Portland another day.

By the time we got home we had driven through 5 states!

5 states in one weekend!

For us Californians, that is just crazy talk!

We were feeling pretty thrilled to have had that little adventure, let me tell you :)


Thanks for joining us in these posts ;)

(I’ll try and dig up our trips to Cape Cod, New York City and also local RI trips).

I still have to post our first snow on here and all our apple, peach, and berry picking.

Wishing you all a safe and happy Thanksgiving!


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