New Hampster

Are we in New Hampster yet?

My 3 year old really thought that was how it was pronounced :)

New Hampshire (or new hampster, as G. pronounces it) was just beautiful.

We drove and drove the Franconia Notch road as well as the Kancamagus Hwy-

Funny names, but amazing scenery!


gold and red leaves,

old trains,

pristine lakes,

meandering streams and rivers,

lovely winding roads

quaint towns,

hiking in the White Mountains,

Our crazy Mount Washington adventure-

(we drove up it in our van passing through all kinds of terrain and microclimates.

Its the tallest peak in the North East.

The wind was a howling 80mph at the top, so we couldn’t let the kids out of the car!)

We even hiked part of the Appalachian Trail

on the way back! :)

Here are some of the pics we took on day 2 of our road trip…

Leaves, leaves and more leaves…


I had a little bit of a moose obsession.

I kept seeing signs that said moose crossing and I was dying to see a moose!

We drove all day and into the night and I was bound and determined to see one.

There was no moose in sight and I began googling on my phone “how to see a moose”.

The “experts” said go out at dusk with a flashlight in a quiet area.

We didn’t have a flashlight and we were driving noisy highways.

Then, the very next day guess who we happen to run into mid day????!!!!

This guy!

Pretty handsome, he was totally posing for me  :)

I have lots of pics of him, but this one is my fav- like he is proud to have his pic taken.

He watched me the whole time with those innocent eyes.

He was a youngster, no antlers yet- but let me tell you- he was bigger than a horse!

He let me get pretty close to him before he slowly made his way back into the forest.

Thanks Mr. Moose!

That made our day!


I know I have posted quite a few pics of these golden leaf shots-

but I just can’t get enough!


Here’s a couple more taken again from the window of a moving car :)

This was a fall foliage road trip
and although that may sound boring-
let me tell you-
it was so much fun!
(I’m not kidding!)
We spontaneously added Maine on at the last minute-literally.
So I’ll post a little bit of good ol’ Portland, Maine next :)
(PS. did I tell you we did this all in 3 days time?)
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