A whimsical evening with the Seymour Family~ Get ready! A whole lotta sweetness comin’ your way!

I was honored to be hired by the Seymour family!

This family has not just the cutie above, but 3 very sweet older sisters!

These 4 girls and their parents were so much fun to work with!

If you follow my work,

You know, I really try and capture the true personality of each person in front of my camera,

and all of the girls had such different personalities-

it was really fun to get to know them all!

Let me just say, the sister above and the sister below

seem like they may want to get into theatre when they grow up-  They were like little actresses!

This last one looks like a headshot- such a dramatic look, right?


What’s really special is that during our client consultation, we discussed possible locations,

and decided on using the location of their wedding!

It worked out beautifully,

jut LOVE those great oak trees!

Dad played many songs on the guitar, and it was really sweet!

I LOVE incorporating the families interests into the session.

The girls sang and danced- it was adorable :)

We had a swinging time as you can see ;)


Too sweet~ I think dad is just a bit out-numbered! :)


Before the session began, I built this tent with the sheet the mom purchased.

Dad helped me hang it from this tree.

Its the perfect tent for these sisters!

We had reading, a whole lot of giggling, and even a tea party in there!


Good thing mom and dad brought the hammok!

These girls were tired!

They took a little rest

– doesn’t this look like a vintage photo of sisters?


After resting we had a little free-style movement and dance with a few props~


Love this pic of you two! :)

Thanks again Seymour family!

I had such a great time!

It will be fun to watch your girls grow up!


I have to say to brag, when I got their Christmas card, I was blown away!

Cara, the mom, used A TON of the photos seen here in a multi-sided tri-fold card.

It was so wonderful to see such a variety in a Chirsmas card!

I was so proud and honored that she chose to use so many,

and not  stick to the standard of just one photo or do a one page collage.

Cara- it was awesome! :)


In other news,

I will be shooting in DC toward the end of March for the Cherry Blossom Festival!

Please let me know if you know anyone interested in a session! :)


XOXO Shell

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