Coast to Coast~ Preparing to Embark on a New Family Adventure!

{D and his buddies at a future fishing hole in East Greenwich, RI. ~Taken with my iphone}


Well, its time I share some pretty big news here on my blog for those of you who haven’t yet heard…

Our little California beach family is embarking on a wonderful adventure!

We are moving to the East Coast~

Rhode Island to be Exact!

~We leave in 2 weeks!~

My hubby was offered a wonderful opportunity in his career and I want to support his goals,

so we are picking up and moving for the time being!


How does that effect Wildflower Studio?

Wildflower Studio will still be operating here in California,

so I will be coming back for my shoots and splitting my time between both coasts.


I plan on documenting our new life over there as much as I can when we move.

I am looking forward to experiencing the wonders of each season

and taking time to explore the rich history and beauty of New England with my family!


The above photos were taken with my iphone in the quaint little town we’ll be moving to.

We took a family vacation to RI last month to show the kids. It was such a productive trip-

we secured and visited our new home, signed D up for school, and explored the lovely little state of RI,

as well as hung out with some great friends.


As I stated above, the kids and I officially move in 2 weeks!

To say  life has been just a little hectic lately, is a bit of an understatement.

I have been busy shooting, as well as preparing for this move.

But I feel really blessed, we have such a wonderful support group of family and friends.

I will miss everyone dearly.

And I just can’t imagine not having family on the same coast!

All in all, as stressful as its been so far being a move with kids,

I realize how blessed we are to be able to have such a great opportunity to be able to explore more of the US

while my hubby achieves more goals in his career.

And the kids couldn’t be at better ages for doing this either.

We have rented out our  CA. home, and I trust that we rented to a great family,

and we have found a wonderful neighborhood and school as well in RI.

All in all, life is good.

{One of my favorite beaches in RI that we played at~ just gorgeous!}

BTW, Rhode Island is called The Ocean State and has a great surf community that we are excited to be a part of,

that is something that I wasn’t expecting in New England! I am so excited for my hubby! :)


Thanks in advance for all of your patience while I figure out my new work and travel schedule,

and of course for all of your positive vibes and support!

This will be such a wonderful growing and transformative experience for our Californian family,

I expect some growing pains as I learn to cope with cold weather, snow, rain, and learning a new lifestyle.

It will be a great adventure!

I’ll keep you posted!

XOXO Shell

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