The B. Family!

This was one of my last families I photographed before I moved from California to Rhode Island.

The sweet mama pictured here was a dear friend in high school, it was so great to see her again and meet her adorable family.

Choosing just a few photos for this sneak peek was so difficult, as I just loved them all!

Oh, did I mention she is also gorgeous and such a beautiful mama to be?


This guy is just toooo cute!

Same look, 2 different pics, I love them in color and B&W so I am posting both!


Is this guy dreamy or what?

Ahhh, those eyes…

Thanks again B. Family!!!

And Congrats again on your sweet baby girl!

(Baby C. was born a few weeks ago and is beautiful, as I am sure you can imagine! )


In other news…

We just completed our first month on the east coast, and boy, was it an eventful one!

August was such a whirlwind, I can’t believe its over!
It began with me and my 2 boys ending the month of July by packing up the house, living at my parents home, bidding farewell to all of our cherished friends and family, while my hubby was on the East Coast awaiting our arrival. On the 1st of August, my boys and I checked out of our hotel in LA and flew across the country begin our new life on the East Coast. It was so great to see my husband after 2 and 1/2 weeks of craziness and also sad goodbyes.
Although our furniture was yet to arrive, we got into our new home and the very same day we met new friends and their little ones,
and had them over for dinner on our back porch!
Our neighborhood is full of kids and our kids have made instant friends with many of them, it has been non-stop action ever since we got here. I think I counted 5 play dates in on day once. We constantly have children and families stop by, so I haven’t had a chance to feel lonely at all, which is such a blessing.
One bummer was that our furniture and my car took 2 weeks to arrive. All we had was a couple air mattresses for sleeping and some patio furniture here. I was grateful we had a refrigerator and a washing machine, but it felt like camping in my new house, in a town I knew nothing about, in a state I knew nothing about. And without a car I felt a bit isolated at times. The kids and I spent entire days in the backyard and because we didn’t have a dryer I was doing laundry and hanging clothes to dry the old fashioned way. I was so excited for our furniture and clothes to show up, not to mention my computer and good camera.
Then came the hard part, unpacking, organizing and doing it all with my two little boys here.
All was going pretty good for the next week and a half, and just when I thought I was feeling a wee bit organized and on track, the hurricane warnings came…
The good thing about hurricanes (unlike the earthquakes I ‘m used to) is that you can sort of prepare for them.
We anticipated our first hurricane and prepared as best we could with the little amount of experience and knowledge that we had…
and had a few hurricane parties with friends and then neighbors to lighten the intense mood :)
Then the power went out… And although I have been REALLY trying to view this whole thing as an adventure,
after 5 days without light, a dishwasher, a washing machine, and the ability to work on my computer, it got a little stressful!
I pretty much felt like I camped for a month in a house.
We are so blessed to already have a great community of friends and neighbors here,
as well as a great surf community we have been spending our Friday and Sunday evenings with at the beach.
In a nutshell here are some of our activities we did month of August:
blueberry and blackberry picking, peach picking, Main Street Stroll, Waterfire in Providence, many trips to the library, exploring parks and playgrounds here, surfing, boogie boarding, exploring Cape Cod with friends from CA- visiting many historic sites, eating lots of amazing seafood, and a visit to where the pilgims first landed at Provincetown, MA, had our first house guest (my hubby Bry’s BFF from 2nd grade), and the hurricane parties.


Here is a pic I took with my Iphone, I was giggling when I found my boys trying to reach the perfect peach as a team.

What’s to come this month (September):
~School starts for both boys
~my youngest sis coming to visit
~I’m going back to CA. for more shoots!
~apple picking
~soccer season!
~More beach days while the water is still warm
(D, my 7 yr. old, has been bitten by the surf bug wants to get out in the ocean as much as possible boogie boarding or playing with his little surfboard.)
I have lots of pics of our adventures here, just no time to post!
I am hoping one of these days I will feel normal and settled here.
In the meantime, thanks for your patience while my family and I settle in here,
and as always,
Thanks for visiting!
xoxo Shell

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