Mother’s Day Challenge~ Pics with my kids!

I hope you mom’s had a great Mother’s Day!

If you read my last post you may remember I was sad to realize

I actually don’t have many photos of me with my kids!

I created a quick Mother’s Day Challenge to get myself to stop making excuses

and get in front of the camera for once

{rather than hide behind it}.

I said I wouldn’t do anything fancy- and I didn’t.

I kept it real and simple,



One thing I do every day with my kids is cuddle.

It starts bright and early with my youngest, and then later with my older guy.

Weekend mornings are less rushed, so we hang out in my bed

while I drink coffee and talk about our plans for the day.

This weekend, I had my hubby grab my camera and document it.

I figure this ritual will be the one I will miss A LOT once they are older.


As I promised, nothing fancy! Just me and the boys having our cozy, cuddly time- well…

I guess its a lot of craziness too… Who am I kidding?!? They are active and silly!

See for yourself :)

That’s it!


In other news,

It was a great Mother’s Day.

My hubby and boys brought me coffee in bed, gave me Stargazer Lillies (one of my fav flowers),

made me home made crepes (G calls them scrapes :)) and served them to me in bed.

Then we all got dressed and went on a Mother’s Day adventure to Portsmouth, New Hampshire

and had a wonderful time exploring cobblestone streets of the gorgeous seaside historical town.

We had a lovely lunch on a restaurant balcony overlooking the river,

and then amazing homemade Ice cream at award winning Annabells (voted top 10 in USA).

I brought my camera and took some pics, but I will be honest- it was REALLY hard to be in pics!

I had my hubby take some, and even D my oldest took some with my phone-

so I did try to let go of being the camera hog,

but it was not easy for me.

I’ll post some pics soon!

I hope you all have a great rest of your week!

If you happened to do My Mother’s Day Challenge, post a link in a comment below!

I’d love to see!

XOXO Shell

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